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ROCCAT® Apuri – Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee
The Apuri is a clever and smart product you will never be able to stop using. The first component of the ROCCAT® Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS) offers you the perfect combination of style and functionality right there on your desktop. The Apuri won’t just power your USB devices; among other things it’ll also bring new order to your desktop by taking control of your mouse cable.
“Flexibility is the best way to gain freedom of movement.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist
Usb Ports Always Within Reach
The Apuri combines stability and practicality as it takes over the job of managing your devices and cables on the desktop. The Apuri’s AC adapter delivers sufficient power to supply its USB ports with a total power of 2A – allowing you to connect up to four power-hungry USB devices without data loss. And if you don’t want to use the AC adapter, you can simply power the hub using the supplied USB cable. The Apuri allows you to connect everything so it’s within reach, saving you the hassle of crawling around under the desk looking for ports.
Mouse Bungee
Flexible + detachable Zero-Drag mouse cable mount.
Smooth Gaming
Thanks to the flexible mouse bungee, the mouse cable in particular is optimally catered for. It is simply guided away from the mouse’s gliding area so that it doesn’t get in the way during game play. There won’t be any rubbing on the desktop or snagging of the cable on the edge of the desk to interfere with your gaming experience – you can even adjust the length of the cable to suit, and the flexible arm optimally flexes with your movements. You’ll feel as if you’re using a wireless mouse, without the inherent disadvantages.
Stealth Design
Ice blue under lighting – for atmosphere + ROCCAT®-style glow.
Style and Atmosphere
Contrary to many conventional hubs, which live out their existence as boring boxes, the ROCCAT® Apuri adds style to your desktop. The unique tripod design gives the Apuri stability even during tense gaming situations. The design fits perfectly with ROCCAT’s new ‘stealth’ style series. Beveled edges and futuristic lines give the hub a unique look. The top features three ice blue LEDs while the base boasts an illuminated ROCCAT logo, which will cast an atmospheric aura onto your desktop.


  • Active Usb-Hub Included

    AC adapter + 4 fully powered ports

    Zero-Drag Mouse Bungee

    guarantees unrestricted movement

    Your Desk Assistant

    for device + cable management
  • Direct Port Access

    connect any USB device within reach

    Passive Use Possible

    thanks to the supplied USB cable

    Secure + Stable Stand

    with ROCCAT-style blue glow


Dane techniczne

    1. Superszybkie porty USB 2.0: 4
    2. Moc wyjściowa (tryb aktywny, z zasilaczem): 2 A
    3. Moc wyjściowa (tryb pasywny, z kablem USB): 500 mA
    4. Długość kabla USB: 1.5 m
    5. Długość kabla zasilającego: 1.5 m
    6. Odłączany uchwyt na kabel
    7. 3 LED-y (na wierzchu) + podświetlenie spodu
    8. Stabilna trójnożna konstrukcja
    Mac OS® X 10.9, Mac OS® X 10.8, Mac OS® X 10.7, Mac OS® X 10.6, Mac OS® X 10.5, Mac OS® X 10.4, Mac OS® X 10.3, Mac OS® X 10.2, Mac OS® X 10.1, Mac OS® X 10.0, Windows® Vista 64 Bit, Windows® Vista 32 Bit, Windows® XP 64 Bit, Windows® XP 32 Bit
    USB 2.0 Port



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