ROCCAT™ Power-Grid™はお使いのPCのための高度でフルカスタマイズ可能なリモートコントロールアプリです。スマートフォンを使って、アクションを中断することなく、お使いのPCとゲームへの接続、モニター、コントロールが可能になります。何よりも、本アプリは無料で入手いただけます。


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Teamspeak 3 Management Tool
Power-Grid: Power User Series Part 1
Power-Grid: Power User Series Part 2
  • Skypeで、Facebookで、TeamSpeakで、あなたのいつもの場所で、ゲームから離れることなくコミュニケーションを維持。
  • CPU、RAM、HDD使用率など、PCの重要なステータスを簡単にモニター。
  • オーディオコントロールやゲーム内のマクロ動作など、素早く・簡単にPCとゲームの設定を変更。
  • スマートフォンのディスプレイをタッチするだけで、自由に、思いのままにコマンドを発信。
  • 自分だけのカスタムグリッドを作成。既存のコントロールをライブラリーから選択することも、自分だけの新しいデザインを行うことも可能。
  • チームメイト、ギルドメンバー、家族やフレンド、好きな相手にグリッドを送信。
  • スマートフォンを将来のROCCAT™デバイスと接続して、ゲームのプレイを変える、かつてない連携技術を実現。


Teamspeak Management Tool OUT NOW! Teamspeak is a must have if you play video games with your teammates. You can use your
smartphone to manage your teamspeak as you're gaming, without having to Alt+Tab, or add a
monitor. From the tip of your finger, mute the raging friend, turn your mic on/off and
much more. If you want to use this grid, just click on the graphic and download it from our store! 
Netflix and Chill with Power-Grid So Netflix and chill is a thing we all know that. But what if you could also lie back on the couch,
relax and use your smartphone to control your Netflix? That’s exactly what our plugin grid will
allow you to do.  Live the real Netflix and Chill experience by clicking on the graphic!
League of Legends, impress your crew with Power-Grid We’re League of Legends enthusiasts here at ROCCAT, of course because of our popular
ROCCAT Team. We know how everyone wants to be the best Carrier, Jungler or Top Laner,
but how do you figure that out? Who out of you or your friends is the best at LoL? Easy to
find out : just download our League of Legend Grid from our shop NOW! 
GEAR-UP FOR METAL GEAR NEW ON POWER-GRID Our new Power-Grid this week is for the well-known Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
Use your Smartphone to have quick access to some in-game commands, without having to
type shortcuts on your keyboard. Use this grid to supply drop, pick-up supply or send commands
to your buddy, all this with the stroke of a finger. Get your Metal Gear grid NOW from our download
section, or by clicking on the graphic!
Color-it-up this week with our new RGB Grid! Because it's summer time, and we all need a bit of colors in our lives,
we've upgraded our RGB Power-Grid! This plug-in grid will allow you to remotely
control the colors of your compatible TALK FX devices from your Smartphone. 
Offering a range of 5000 different colors you can coordinate your ROCCAT gaming
set-up and color it up by downloading our new grid!