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Combine device – For unstoppable power

ROCCAT Talk® lets your compatible ROCCAT gaming devices joins forces for amazing features that will enhance your performance in game. Team-play is best: with ROCCAT Talk®, your mouse and keyboard will form an unstoppable alliance instead of going it alone. ROCCAT Talk®’s one-two knockout combo offers the following benefits:


ROCCAT Talk® doubles up on the already formidable control possibilities offered by Easy-Shift[+]™. Hold down the Easy-Shift[+]™ key on your mouse in order to be able to execute a macro on your keyboard, or vice versa. Mix and match macros to suit your style so that your gaming hardware is perfectly tuned to bring the pain to your opponents.


Designed for gamers who like to play on the front foot, Easy-Aim is a technology that lets you call all the shots. Going in for an audacious sniper kill? With Easy-Aim, you can hold down the designated button on your keyboard and your mouse’s DPI will automatically optimize. It’s a one-stop short-cut that’ll see +1 added to your frag count before your opponent knows what’s up.