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Combine Devices and Games in New Ways – for Unmatched Intensity

The Talk® FX protocol opens up a whole new relationship between hardware. It takes events taking place on screen and translates them into exciting sensory effects on your hardware, heralding a new era in how gamers game. With Talk® FX, the game is no longer something that takes place only on your screen; it’s a fully immersive experience that’s brought right into the heart of your desktop.

Using Talk® FX, you can have your keyboard light up only the relevant key bindings, so you can focus entirely on the fight. Have your mouse flash red or green when you’re low on health or mana so you can’t get caught out in the frenzy of battle. Have your keyboard show the direction of attack with glowing damage indicators so you know how to react to your opponent. The Talk® FX SDK provides limitless opportunities for gamers to get the edge.

Alienware AlienFX™

AlienFX™ is Alienware’s exclusive lighting control system that allows users to create their own custom lighting and special effects for a truly unique and personalized look.

Users can either enable or disable AlienFX-enhanced game titles to automatically launch their customized themes on AlienFX-enabled systems or peripherals for immediate gameplay. These custom AlienFX themes add another level of immersion by providing lighting effects to alert gamers of specific in-game events and in-game lighting and special effects. For example, special lighting effects can be based on health levels, like green morphing to yellow then orange and then to red signifying a reduction in health status. They can also be based on the type of in-game environment the gamer is in for an unquestionably immersive experience.


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ROCCAT™ has always been thrilled to have such a close connection to our community of ROCCATEERs. We're excited to see how you adapt ROCCAT™ products to suit your own gaming styles. That's why we're happy to provide you with an SDK for Talk® FX so that no matter whether you're a hardcore or hobby programmer, a professional or an amateur you can make Talk® FX work best for whatever games, applications or plug-ins you use. We want to see what you and ROCCAT™ Talk® FX can do!