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Swarm is ROCCAT’s vision for the future of gaming software. Greater than the sum of its parts, it represents a powerful ecosystem where computers, peripherals and mobile devices are brought together in unison for a completely unique experience. The software extension of ROCCAT’s future ready philosophy, Swarm’s modular build ensures you’ll be prepared for whatever comes.
Via cloud
profiles & macro
Via smartphone


ROCCAT software is renowned for providing an unprecedented level of product customization. With Swarm and the legendary new ROCCAT Nyth, that’s just reached a new level. A one-stop-shop for all future ROCCAT peripherals, Swarm facilitates quick and easy control with its modular build and cloud-based system. Its modularity ensures full flexibility, with the ability to create a favorites tab, with only devices settings and configuration options relevant to you shown. Completely scalable both in terms of visuals and functionality, Swarm establishes a new standard in connectivity. Enjoy support for all current and future screen resolutions, share unique macros and settings with friends, keep all your devices up to date automatically, and much, much more to come.


Swarm’s modularity extends far beyond device configuration modules. It is a software ecosystem built with deep computer, peripheral and mobile device integration in mind, giving you full control over everything relevant to your game. The new home of the evolutionary Talk® FX and AlienFX™, Swarm is multi-platform, multi-lingual and future ready. It has everyone under one hood and ensures no alternative is required.


Swarm app is the streamlined smartphone/tablet-based extension of its corresponding software. One piece of the Swarm jigsaw puzzle, it’s a convenient app that provides full control at your fingertips, complementing your device in a way you’ll wonder how you managed without it. Pair your smartphone to your computer to unlock a mighty arsenal of app-based command power so you can stay immersed in your game without the need to tab out of it. An ever-growing list of features further extends your peripheral, ensuring you can choose from a bank of in-game features tailored to you. Change the color settings of your device product at ease; mix up your mouse’s dpi on the fly or get a rapid overview of your button assignments. The framework provided by Swarm and the Swarm app heralds an exciting new chapter in gaming integration and innovation.

This is just the start.

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  • Version:
  • Operating systems:
    Windows® 10 32 Bit, Windows® 10 64 Bit, Windows® 7 32 Bit, Windows® 7 64 Bit, Windows® 8 32 Bit, Windows® 8 64 Bit, Windows® 8.1 32 Bit, Windows® 8.1 64 Bit
  • Supported languages:
    Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Changelog:
    - Improved Aimo effect compatibility.
    - fixed several crash problems
    - added product compatibilities
    - added Macro Manager Tooltips
    - high CPU usage fix
    - several other minor fixes and improvements
  1. iOS
    Work in Progress

  2. Windows
    Work in Progress

ROCCAT Devices compatible with ROCCAT Swarm:
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