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NVidia Shadowplay controls
  • NVidia Shadowplay controls

    from CWolfxuk
    Languages: English

    Category: Windows
    Version: 1.0
    Upload date: 02.03.2017
    File size: 4 KB
For those who want easy access to controls for recording and streaming without having to juggle multiple keys.

This uses all standard ROCCAT icons to avoid any copyright issues. Also has a standard NVidia logo on the backdrop.
Free to use, please leave a comment!
1488484038-DSlQH.png Cam 1x1

Alt-F6 - Toggle webcam

1488484032-hGjvV.png FPS 1x1

Alt+F12 - toggles the FPS Counter

1488484030-GSDFa.png Main 1x1

Alt+Z - Main overlay controls

1488484037-FZsND.png Pause Stream 1x1

Alt+F7 - Pause / Unpause broadcast

1488484034-R4OZm.png Record 1x1

Alt+F9 - Toggle Manual Recording

1488484033-cKElK.png Save Last 10 1x1

Alt+F11 - Saves the last 10 minutes of gameplay (if...

1488484031-e7Sih.png Screenshot 1x1

Alt+F1 - Takes a screenshot

1488484035-rDVYM.png Stream 1x1

Alt+F8 - Toggle Broadcasting

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