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OBS v2 (Open Broadcaster Software)
  • Version: 2.2 | Release date: 25.10.2013

    1. Added option to toggle cam source *read discription on this*
  • Version: 2.1 | Release date: 24.10.2013

Be sure to enable your number pad for this to work and then bind the keys accordingly. The toggle of the cam is a bit wonky. There is no simple way to switch to sources so in order for the cam toggle to work is to have the sources selected and have the cam source at the very top.

Scene 1: Num1

Scene 2: Num2

Scene 3: Num3

Scene 4: Num4

Scene 5: Num5

Scene 6: Num6

Scene 7: Num7

Scene 8: Num8

Start Stream: Num0

End Stream: Num9

Toggle Mic: Num*

Toggle Audio: Num-
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