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Media Control Grid
  • Version: 1.1 | Release date: 01.04.2014

A bunch of buttons to control all kinds of Media Players via the standard media player hotkeys (like found on keyboards).

- fixed icon problem
Media Control Grid
1396353517-PJdBB.png Header 4x1
1396353512-kF63w.png Microphone Mute Switch 1x1

Mute/unmute microphone

1396353516-Fj4mc.png My Music Folder 2x1

Opens default Windows music folder

1396353511-O0NKn.png My Videos Folder 2x1

Opens default Windows video folder

1396353514-yII0g.png Open Sound Options (Win) 1x1

Opens Windows sound options

1396353513-StIMM.png Open Volume Mixer (Win) 1x1

Opens Windows volume mixer menu

1396353503-pTYp6.png Play/Pause 2x1

Start/pause actual Player

1396353504-l3fIb.png Stop 2x1

Stop actual Player

1396353515-RfzBL.png System: Shutdown 1x1

Remote shutdown your system after

1396353505-4Vlin.png Track: Next 2x1

Next song/video

1396353508-3ueUF.png Track: Previous 2x1

Previous song/video

1396353509-mKSBW.png Volume: Master Slider 1x1

Volume slider bar

1396353506-5KZ7Z.png Win Volume Down 2x1

Adjust volume down

1396353510-RzMlH.png Win Volume Mute All 4x1

Mute/unmute actual player

1396353507-kbDuU.png Win Volume Up 2x1

Adjust volume up

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