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Remote Control
This package offers you one preset grid and several controls for controlling your PC. All necessary shortcuts should be available, making the use of mouse or a keyboard redundant.


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Remote Control / Interface
1382008714-CJuPu.png Alt 1x1

Alt button executes ALT command on holding button down

1382008710-fubPy.png Back 1x1

Back button executes BACKSPACE command

1382008707-F1hH9.png Close 2x1

Close button executes ALT + F4 command

1382008715-LWTnN.png Down 2x1

Down button executes ARROW DOWN command

1382008719-2dWa4.png ESC 2x1

ESC button executes ESC command

1382008711-SuqxR.png Left 1x1

Left button executes ARROW LEFT command

1382008718-yS3Zy.png Minimize All 1x1

Minimize All button minimizes all windows

1382008721-IR7oY.png My Computer 1x1

My Computer button opens My Computer window

1382008712-HGP98.png Return 2x1

Enter button executes ENTER command

1382008713-9GnST.png Right 1x1

Right button executes ARROW RIGHT command

1382008717-Q7tNR.png Space 2x1

Space button executes SPACE command

1382008716-fOdHd.png Start 1x1

Start button opens up the Windows start menu

1382008708-7NctY.png Tab 1x1

Tab button executes TAB command

1382008709-nh5aF.png Up 2x1

Up button executes ARROW UP command

Remote Control
1382008706-mJwa2.png Custom Button: Master 1x1
Remote Control / Other
1382008720-CT9AG.png Header 4x1
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