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ROCCAT Trackpad
  • Version: 2.0 | Release date: 12.09.2016

With this Grid from ROCCAT you are able to use your smartphone as a mobile laptop-style trackpad, including full left-and-right click capability. If you are on the sofa streaming a TV show and you don’t want to have to get up to put the next one on, or even if you want to make a presentation, this Grid is particularly great. Additional you can change the trackpad sensitivity in the options.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll need version 0.459 or newer of the Power-Grid launcher in order to use this Grid.

CHANGE SENSITIVITY: Select the trackpad grid > select "save grid as.." and save a copy of the grid on your harddrive. Now you can select the trackpad area and adjust the sensitivity (you'll need to be on the "Edit Grid" tab in the Power-Grid Launcher).
Plugin information
Please note: this package contains a plug-in. This is a third party software component that extends the functionality of Power-Grid™. Since the plug-in is third party its functionality is beyond the influence of ROCCAT™. As such, ROCCAT™ takes no responsibility and is not liable for any loss or damage caused by it.
Power-Grid Insight #7: Trackpad
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