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Metal Gear Solid V TPP
  • Version: 0.3 | Release date: 30.09.2015

Call for a Supply drop or a pickup with a touch of a button. Or send commands to your buddy easily with your smartphone.
The Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Grid is like having your own iDroid.
Metal Gear Solid V TPP/D Dog
1443603636-rvjZg.png Attack 1x1
1443603637-xsX1m.png Call 1x1
1443603638-z17uk.png Wait 1x1
Metal Gear Solid V TPP/D Walker
1443603641-68R5V.png Call 1x1
1443603642-qotkA.png Intercept 1x1
1443603643-6CpSB.png Normal 1x1
Metal Gear Solid V TPP / D Horse
1443603651-bgzmu.png Call 1x1
Metal Gear Solid V TPP/Quiet
1443603644-8lYKV.png Cover 1x1
1443603645-OsrYS.png Fire 1x1
1443603646-yYH2A.png Take Aim 1x1
Metal Gear Solid V TPP/Support
1443603647-aLqUq.png Offline 1x1
1443603648-bTgMf.png Pick Up 1x1
1443603649-mfnM3.png Supply Drop 1x1
Metal Gear Solid V TPP/D Horse
1443603640-YkiMD.png Poop 1x1
1443603639-4TJ1b.png Stay 1x1
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