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Starcraft 2
  • Version: 0.17 | Release date: 01.04.2014

This package offers you one preset grid and several controls for Starcraft 2. It’s designed to let you play the game with your mouse and keyboard, while Power-Grid offers you an additional HUD for better control and gaming experience with multiplayer functions.


- fixed icon problems
Starcraft 2 / Interaction
1396354417-nIuvq.png Army Stim 1x1

Army Stim button activates Terran Stim Pack

1396354418-bzROK.png Build Rax 1x1

Build Rax button selects the Terran Army Barracks as...

1396354419-GAmWM.png Build SCV 1x1

Build SCV button gives SCV build order to Terran Command...

1396354420-mooDk.png Go To Event (large) 2x2

Go To Event button takes you automatically to last ingame...

1396354421-LmZZK.png Go To Event (small) 1x1

Go To Event (small) button takes you automatically to...

1396354429-wJqzr.png Say GG 1x1

Say GG button sends "GG" text message in...

1396354428-hUIO6.png Say GLHF 1x1

Say GLHF button sends "GLHF" text message in...

1396354430-DtMUZ.png Screenshot 1x1

Screen button takes an ingame screenshot

1396354422-1J4Ne.png Trading (large) 2x2

Trading button opens multiplayer trade menu

1396354427-kySpP.png Trading (small) 1x1

Trading (small) button opens multiplayer trade menu

Starcraft 2/Other
1396354407-j94jN.png Banner 4x1
Starcraft 2 / Websites
1396354414-l94mF.png BattleNet 1x1

Battle.net button opens the battle.net website in your...

1396354412-L1doa.png Facebook Taketv 1x1

Facebook Taketv button opens Facebook Taketv website in...

1396354413-qVqjG.png Taketv.net 1x1

Taketv.net button opens Taketv website in your default...

Starcraft 2 / Master
1396354402-Nx0yF.png Button Blue 1x1
1396354405-SlkXS.png Button Blue Large 2x2
1396354406-dflYQ.png Button Green 1x1
1396354404-ysKff.png Button Green Large 2x2
1396354403-lUqjR.png Button Metal 1x1
Starcraft 2 / Replay
1396354408-YKHW6.png Fast Replay 1x1

Fast Replay button speeds up your current replay

1396354415-n8mv5.png Replays 1x1

Replays button opens your Starcraft 2 replays folder

1396354409-wLvMS.png Slow Replay 1x1

Slow Replay button slows down your current replay

1396354410-JtMOM.png Start Replay 1x1

Start Replay button starts the paused replay

1396354411-Yd9zp.png Stop Replay 1x1

Stop Replay button stops a running replay

Starcraft 2 / Other
1396354424-oOul6.png FPS Rate 1x1

FPS Rate button toggles FPS rate indicator on or off

1396354426-KHAkG.png Log 1x1

Log button opens a window containing recent events and...

1396354425-1HEOU.png Music 1x1

Music button toggles ingame music on or off

1396354423-oS3Di.png SC2 Start 1x1

SC2 Start button starts Starcraft 2

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