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Civilization 5
This package offers you one preset grid and several controls for Sid Meyer’s Civilization 5. It’s designed to let you play the game with your mouse and Power-Grid only, while the keyboard becomes therefore redundant.


- store release
Civilization 5 / Interaction
1382007197-U294S.png Auto scouting 1x1

Square Auto Scouting button lets unit automatically scout...

1382007198-3ptuw.png Build road 1x1

Square Build Road button lets workers build a road on the...

1382007194-ZzORF.png Fortify 1x1

Square Fortify button to set unit to defence mode and...

1382007191-mcLqh.png Move 1x1

Square Move button to give units the “move” order

1382007195-LPKLb.png Prepare range attack 1x1

Square Prepare Range Attack button to prepare catapults,...

1382007196-u8zOL.png Range attack 1x1

Square Range Attack button to initiate ranged attack on...

1382007193-rUGSe.png Skip unit 1x1

Square Skip Unit button to skip commands for a unit and...

1382007192-hAsJg.png Wait 1x1

Square Wait button to set unit to “sleep” mode. It will...

Civilization 5 / Interface
1382007178-oBjOl.png Civilopedia 1x1

Round Civilopedia button to open the ingame Civilaopedia...

1382007189-x35Rk.png Demographics 1x1

Round Demographics button to show comparison statistics...

1382007184-N1U7w.png Diplomacy 1x1

Round Diplomacy button to open the diplomacy window

1382007179-Es8R4.png Economy 1x1

Round Economy button to open an overview for your...

1382007183-D8ML2.png Military 1x1

Round Military button to open a summary of your empire’s...

1382007187-mgXAF.png Notifications 1x1

Round Log button to open a window containing recent...

1382007182-6xvuV.png Quick load 1x1

Round Quickload button performs a quick load

1382007181-6Z5IO.png Quick save 1x1

Round Quicksave button performs a quick save

1382007186-eRAhT.png Science 1x1

Round Science button to show the science tree and actual...

1382007185-sffDM.png Social policies 1x1

Round Social Policies button to open your empire’s policy...

1382007190-qDKFf.png Strategy map 1x1

Round Map button to toggle the map graphics style

1382007188-5eHez.png Victory 1x1

Round Victory button to show window with winning...

Civilization 5
1382007200-fc5bi.png Custom Button: Master 1x1 1x1
1382007199-S0Q7p.png Custom Button: Master 1x1 round 1x1
Civilization 5 / Other
1382007177-sgpuX.png Header 4x1
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