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ArmA III - Tank Gunner/Commander
  • ArmA III - Tank Gunner/Commander

    from youngone
    Languages: English

    Category: Simulation, Strategy, Shooter
    Version: 1.0
    Upload date: 06.04.2015
    File size: 4 KB
Hi all, I enjoy TANKS. Commanding them, gunning... even driving (this grid wont really help for driving)

You will have to change some key bindings in ArmA but its nothing much.

As follows

config / control / keyboard / command

change the F1 key (squad select 1) to a double or X2 F1 delete the single key-bind
and the same with F2

Then; config / controls / keyboard / weapons.

add F1 to "zero up" and F2 to "zero down" you can keep the original Pgup and pgdwn binds it wont effect the function.

to use the "View" button X2 press

the "eject" button X2 press

the num pad buttons are for external view control

the "W" key is the Windows key ( used for wastelands to see names)

the "back key is for getting rid of unwanted command lines

(early versions sometimes made this come up)

L- Shift is for ease of access to placing makers on the map.

The rear background is from the ArmA III breaking point grid. and is not my own work.

the rest is is simple key bindings, you are free to edit and share
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