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Cities Skylines
Cities Skylines the wildy popular city building sim is hugely popular here at the ROCCAT offices. This grid adds some very helpful features; a handy Auto save function, game speed and creation tools at the touch of a button and much more.
Cities Skylines / Save
1427211040-fnZ3a.png Auto Save 2x1

Auto saves your game every 1 min

1427211041-9TiTv.png Quick Load 2x1

Quickloads your last save file

Cities Skylines / Misc
1427211056-7Krud.png Bulldozer 1x1

Delete structures

1427211047-aLVOe.png Info 1x1

Shows info menu

1427211048-5XaNP.png Select Area 2x1

Select different areas

1427211046-wQWy1.png Unlocking Menu 2x1

Opens unlocking menu

Cities Skylines / Create Zones
1427211052-yoTQ1.png Commerical High 1x1

Create a high Commercial zone

1427211051-G08gw.png Commerical Low 1x1

Create a Low Commercial zone

1427211054-UQV0M.png Industrial 1x1

Create an Industrial Zone

1427211055-bBhwM.png Office 1x1

Create an Office zone

1427211050-PUMWt.png Residential High 1x1

Create a high Residential zone

1427211049-MZJ5C.png Residential Low 1x1

Create a low Residential zone

Cities Skylines / Game Speed
1427211042-aaZb3.png Pause 1x1

Pauses game time

1427211043-Y4BrF.png x 1 1x1

Moves time forward at normal time

1427211044-CMZU2.png x 2 1x1

Time progresses and double speed

1427211045-BY5Pb.png x 3 1x1

Time progresses and triple speed

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