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Arma 3: Squad Commands
  • Version: 1.1 | Release date: 04.06.2014

This grid's goal is to make it easier to manage the often difficult squad commands of ArmA 3. It contains basic commands like stop and regroup, commands for stances and fireteams.

If you want, i will add formations to the grid. I didn't add them in this version, because there are just so many commands

So let me know what you want to see in the next updates.

PS: You have to select your units first and the press the buttons on the grid. :)
Arma 3-SC / Teams
1398289937-5aCSk.png Assign Green 1x1
1398289935-W6s4v.png Assign Red 1x1
1398289938-f9S8y.png Team Green 1x1
1398289936-CRmWJ.png Team Red 1x1
Arma 3-SC / Stance
1398289929-nK1kU.png Copy 1x1
1398289927-1TI3X.png Down 1x1
1398289926-EHPNf.png Low 1x1
1398289928-zAurl.png Stand Up 1x1
Arma 3-SC / Situation
1398289931-zVjWL.png Danger 1x1
1398289934-5I8fl.png Safe 1x1
1398289933-NSPUl.png Stay Sharp 1x1
1398289930-g0rN3.png Stealth 1x1
Arma 3-SC / Basic
1398289925-trouR.png Hold Fire 2x1
1398289924-Jr6nU.png Open Fire 2x1
1398289922-Z0ti9.png Regroup 2x1
1398289923-Rpaf5.png Stop 2x1
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