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Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Version: 1.1 | Release date: 08.11.2013

    1. Fixed issue with the binds not working
1.1v Changelog:
-Fixed issue with not being able to use some of the binds.
-replaced steam open button with a link to the GlobalOffensive subreddit.

Grid for the Roccat Powergrid application. Created for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The grid contains links to hltv.org, counter-strike.net, youtube, steam and twitch. Teamspeak and mic mute button are included.

Buys for Anti Eco, full buys for T and CT. Awp,scout buys. Deagle kevlar,p250 kevlar.


weapon pictures taken from http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Counter-Strike_Wiki

Want bonus features? Or point out a bug? send me an e-mail or leave a profile comment on http://steamcommunity.com/id/bronzegamer
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