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GTA V Grid
  • Version: 0.5 | Release date: 16.04.2015

The definitive version of GTA V is here and we have a fun grid mess around with some crazy abilities between missions. This grid has some of GTA V's best cheatcodes in one place. Instantly spawn vehicles at the touch of a button. Activate crazy abilities like, explosive punches, 5 mins of invincibility or fall from the sky instantly. NOTE THIS GRID WILL NOT FUNCTION DURING ONLINE PLAY AND ACHIEVEMENTS WILL BE DISABLED ONCE ACTIVATED IN GAME FOR THAT PLAY SESSION
TestLab: GTA V
GTAV / Status
1429186263-sMooV.png 5 Minute Invincibility 2x1

Activate Invincibility for 5 minutes

1429186265-qKo5x.png Exploding Melee 1x1

Melee attacks trigger off massive explosions

1429186268-QOG2c.png Fast Run 2x1

Run at maximum speed

1429186266-kCf9C.png Flame Rounds 1x1

Fire shots that are on fire

1429186261-vz0Tr.png Health and Armor 2x2

Replenish Health and Armor

1429186262-GvQfa.png Raise Wanted Level 2x1

Raise your wanted level

1429186267-ZcLhW.png Skyfall 2x1

Spawn high in the sky & fly at super speeds around...

1429186264-ptcP6.png Slow Motion 2x1

Repeat up to X3 to slowdown time to aim

GTAV / Vehicles
1429186272-aUFWZ.png Buzzard 1x1

Spawn a Buzzard Helicopter

1429186269-DZVMe.png Parachute 1x1

Equip a Parachute

1429186271-ASQCM.png Rapid GT 1x1

Spawn a Rapid GT sports car

1429186270-V1M8q.png Sanchez 1x1

Spawn a Sanchez dirtbike

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