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Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Version: 0.5 | Release date: 17.02.2015

This handy grid for the world’s biggest competitive first person shooter: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is host to some handy controls. The chat and shop macros allow you to chat to your teammates and get your loadouts sorted at the touch of a button.
Counter-Strike GO
1424162061-Y0HAR.png Banner 4x1

Launches game

Counter-Strike GO / Buy Scripts
1424162062-fQGOc.png Buy CT Full 1x1

Buys a full M4A1 loadout

1424162064-3Z0Qb.png Buy CT Low 1x1

Buys a Desert Eagle with ammo

1424162065-tE5pb.png Buy T Full 1x1

Buys a full AK47 Loadout

1424162066-QlFFL.png Buy T Low 1x1

T Low button buys a Desert Eagle with ammo

Counter-Strike GO / Other
1424162074-ZqGLs.png C4-Timer 2x1

Starts a 45 second C4 timer

1424162075-9IljV.png Rebuy 1x1

Rebuys the equipment from previous round

1424162076-0vzxw.png Screenshot 2x1

Takes Screenshot

Counter-Strike GO / Communication
1424162067-8BbFE.png Friendlist 1x1

Opens the Steam Friendlist HUD

1424162068-Dd4tL.png Global Say 1x1

Global Say button starts the global chat mode

1424162069-pm8Co.png Go Go Go! 1x1

Go Go Go voice clip and chat macro activation

1424162079-rTBjX.png Hold Position 1x1

Hold voice clip and chat macro activation

1424162070-Vj7DX.png Mic Mute 1x1

Mutes and unmutes the microphone

1424162071-19iDb.png Mute All 1x1

Mute All button mutes and unmutes the sound playback device

1424162078-D6fG9.png Negative 1x1

Negative voice clip and chat macro activation

1424162077-8Hqtl.png Positive 1x1

Positive voice clip and chat macro activation

1424162080-lX7Sd.png Retreat 1x1

Retreat voice clip and chat macro activation

1424162072-YZ9eR.png Say Binding 1x1

Say Binding button writes "owned!" in global chat

1424162073-NcfMW.png Team Say 1x1

Starts the team chat mode

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