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CounterStrike: Global Offensive 1.1
  • Version: 1.1 | Release date: 28.02.2014

    1. + Fixxed Tab Icons
IMPORTANT ---> You need to put this binding into you config.cfg, otherwise the Grid will not work correctly!

bind "l" "toggleconsole"

You will find the config here:

X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg\config.cfg


Short FAQ:


Some of the Buttons don't work. Why?

1. Assure that you wrote "bind" l "toggleconsole" in your config and that the Key is NOT occupied twice!
2. Possibly Grid is activated 2 times?
3. Assure to run Power Grid as well as the Game with Administration rights


Does it have to be the "L" Key?
Yes. It has to be the "L" Key since the System is designed for Macros. This means that the "L" Key is mandatory for all functions within the Grid.


I have a question or Feedback regarding your Grid!

If the question refers to the Grid in general, please contact the Roccat Support. They may help you a lot faster than I can do.
If you have a problem with my Grid, do not hesitate to contact me.

Steam: Scholle1309
Homepage: www.Scholle-GUI.biz
E-Mail: info@Scholle-GUI.biz



aHoBrause == Graphics
Ervin Tršelič == Voice Artist
Power-Grid Insight #11: Counter-Strike: GO
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Buy
1393621407-ji4yh.png Ak47+Grenades 1x1
1393621411-uoBgU.png Berettas 1x1
1393621404-0uRkn.png CTGrenades 1x1
1393621408-WkwQ1.png CZ75/P250 1x1
1393621410-5Y4Pl.png Deagle 1x1
1393621409-fJjZo.png Fiveseven 1x1
1393621405-md4g6.png M4a1+Grenades 1x1
1393621406-27Xf5.png TGrenades 1x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Header
1393621403-p9Awj.png ESL Bomb Timer 2x1
1393621401-juHzx.png Header 4x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Settings
1393621419-qPF88.png ESL_Start 1x1
1393621421-8T8IE.png ESL2on2 1x1
1393621420-dKcSs.png ESL5on5 1x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Say
1393621415-rRCNv.png GG! 1x1
1393621414-eDatw.png GLHF! 1x1
1393621416-hTBfK.png Global 1x1
1393621417-R9x4p.png Team 1x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Timer
1393621402-pDOTM.png Matchmaking Timer 2x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Other
1393621418-nY26i.png Netgraph 1x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Screenshot
1393621423-OW1Sk.png Rcon_Screenshot 2x1
1393621422-SkE8L.png Screenshot 2x1
CounterStrike:Global Offensive / Demo
1393621412-rGwav.png Start 2x1
1393621413-SKaZO.png Stop 2x1
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