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Battlefield 4
This package offers you one preset grid and several controls for Battlefield 4. It’s designed to let you play the game with your mouse and keyboard, while Power-Grid offers you an additional HUD for better control and gaming experience with multiplayer functions.


- store release
Power-Grid Insight #2: Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 / Timer
1390903328-eTj1T.png Amtrac 2x1

Amtrac Timer button is set to the respawn time of Amtracs...

1390903332-88lNZ.png Heavy Chopper 2x1

Heavy Chopper Timer button is set to the respawn time of...

1390903329-0cdfR.png Jet 1x1

Jet Timer button is set to the respawn time of jets...

1390903331-Osk1p.png Light Chopper 2x1

Light Chopper Timer button is set to the respawn time of...

1390903330-cGtCY.png Tank 1x1

Tank Timer button is set to the respawn time of tanks...

Battlefield 4 / Interface
1390903316-PV8Cd.png Chat all 1x1

Chat All button enters the global chat mode

1390903319-YhTRy.png Chat squad 1x1

Chat Squad button enters the squad chat mode

1390903317-3Lvlm.png Chat team 1x1

Chat Team button enters the team chat mode

1390903313-pejP4.png Minimap zoom 1x1

Map Zoom button toggles the minimap zoom

1390903314-1fm8y.png Show map 1x1

Show Map button shows up and hides the map

1390903312-UBOj0.png Show score 2x1

Show Score button shows multiplayer score table on hold

1390903315-V8tDf.png Toggle chat 1x1

Toggle Chat button toggles between the different chat...

Battlefield 4 / Other
1390903333-mA2G0.png Header 4x1

Link this to your BF4 *.exe to launch the game

Battlefield 4 / Custom Buttons
1390903334-YUnWd.png Master Button 1x1

Button preset to create your own function

1390903335-BYw5q.png Timer Master Button 1x1

Create your own timer

Battlefield 4 / Communication
1390903324-Uw2XG.png Squad Help 1x1

Squad chat: Need some help!

1390903326-MJXe4.png Squad Hold Position 1x1

Squad chat: Hold position!

1390903325-oN3o6.png Squad Push 1x1

Squad chat: Push now!!!

1390903327-5qBsL.png Squad Spread Out 1x1

Squad chat: Spread out!

1390903320-Hofv3.png Team Help 1x1

Team chat: Need some help

1390903322-8WCmz.png Team Hold Position 1x1

Team chat: Hold position!

1390903321-3vcgO.png Team Push 1x1

Team chat: Push now!!!

1390903323-ab217.png Team Spread Out 1x1

Team chat: Spread out!

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