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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buy Grid
  • Version: 1.21 | Release date: 13.01.2014

    1. Erased some needless background-code
  • Version: 1.2 | Release date: 31.12.2013

    1. Fixed Bug that P90 Button buys PP-Bizon
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buy Grid
Version 1.1

-Xtra-Button Function

"All Grenades" - Button:
Buys all Grenades except of Decoy. (Because grenade slots are full then)

"Full Kevlar (+Kit)" - Button:
Buys the best vest that's available with your money, and a Kit if enough money is left.
(Or just the Kit if u have less then 650$, but for that there is an extra button just for the Kit)

"Fire n' Fake (+Decoy)" - Button:
Buys an incediary grenade and a decoy.

"2 Flashbangs" - Button:
I think this is easy... buys 2 Flashbangs. ;)

"Nade and Flash"
Buys Frag Grenade and Flashbang.

Combining (Use) example:

Money: 16000$
"M4 (S) or Ak-47" Button
"Five Seven or Tec-9" Button
"Full Kevlar (+Kit)" Button
"All Grenades" Button
M4, Five-Seven, Kevlar + Helmet, Defuse Kit, All Grenades except of Decoy-Grenade.
Ak-47, Tec-9, Kevlar + Helmet, All Grenades except of Decoy-Grenade.

There is no "Full Buy" Button yet, because not any round is the same.
Different Games reqiure different methods.
Many gamers don't want to play with some (for them "nooblike" or "ugly") weapons.

Pls report any issues to me, so I can fix them.

More Functions, Better Design and more.
Based on the Cs:GO Grid Version from "Bronze".
Pictures from Global Offensive Wikis:
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