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The Division by Lonely Agent
The Division grid is meant to give PC user an alternative to the console versions' selection wheel. Yes, we have key mappings but, sometimes, a visual UI is better. For example, consumable each have a specific effect and selecting the right one might be easier with the short descriptive text included in the grid.

- Designed for landscape mode.
- Uses default PC key mappings except emotes which are not assigned by default. The emotes should be set to NUMPAD 1 to 6 to match the grid's.
- The grid includes 6 rows of buttons but the first 5 rows are the most relevant. This allows the grid to work on devices that only show the first 5 rows (iOS or 10" android) while the last row adds extra features for those that can see them (Mark Target, Inventory, Abilities and Group Management).
- The buttons are labelled with colored tabs in the upper left corners: consumables (green), grenades (red), emotes (blue) and extras (orange).

I hope you enjoy the grid!
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