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Elder Scrolls Online Beta Grid
This grid is made for the epic MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls Online. It is home to a ton of great functions, you can Jump to Leader or even activate your emotes at the touch of a button.
Elder Scrolls Online/EMOTES
1409231409-dSfrS.png Facepalm 1x1

Perform the Facepalm emote

1409231414-jSNNL.png Laugh 1x1

Perform the Laugh emote

1409231413-qbWum.png Rude 1x1

Perform the Rude emote

1409231415-Gjxb8.png Shakefist 1x1

Perform the Shakefist emote

1409231411-RcZrO.png Thumbs Down 1x1

Perform the Thumbs Down emote

1409231410-xbJOA.png Thumbs Up 1x1

Perform the Thumbs UP emote

1409231412-BPclS.png Wave 1x1

Perform the Wave emote

1409231408-EwGWM.png Yes 1x1

Perform the Yes emote

Elder Scrolls Online / CONTROL
1409231407-9t5Ij.png Inventory 2x2

Brings up the inventory Menu

1409231405-vHPQ7.png Map 2x2

Displays the Map of the current area

Elder Scrolls Online/CONTROL
1409231404-XM2UV.png Jump to Leader 4x1

Jump to the wayshrine/graveyard of your group leader

Elder Scrolls Online/LAUNCH
1409231403-o9lUC.png Launch 4x1

Launches the game

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