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Tf2 Class and Loadout grid
This grid provides some of the most often desired functions in tf2 as listed below:

-Launch tf2
-Class selection including random
-Loadout preset quickswitch

For this grid to work properly, the tf2 developer console must be enabled and the associated hotkey be `.
Team fortress 2
1436791853-BxDsL.png Demoman 1x1

Change class to Demoman

1436791858-cVGkB.png Engineer 1x1

Change class to Engineer

1436791857-Rkieq.png Heavy 1x1

Change class to Heavy

1436791862-ZgIQo.png Inventory 4x1

Open Inventory

1436791863-r2WGO.png Loadout 4x1

Open loadout screen for current class

1436791864-2fY2u.png Loadout A 1x1

Quickswitch to loadout A

1436791865-YK9Qx.png Loadout B 1x1

Quickswitch to loadout B

1436791866-l8d5o.png Loadout C 1x1

Quickswitch to loadout C

1436791867-IBeBq.png Loadout D 1x1

Quickswitch to loadout D

1436791854-hiTe2.png Medic 1x1

Change class to Medic

1436791852-4xBE2.png Pyro 1x1

Change class to Pyro

1436791860-JiyLS.png Random 1x3

Choose random class

1436791850-aLx8N.png Scout 1x1

Change class to Scout

1436791859-RBfsq.png Sniper 1x1

Change class to Sniper

1436791851-j39xD.png Soldier 1x1

Change class to Soldier

1436791855-SbOfq.png Spy 1x1

Change class to Spy

1436791861-jWU7J.png Tf2 Main 4x1

Launch Tf2

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