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Far Cry 3 v1.0
  • Far Cry 3 v1.0

    from MajorNono
    Languages: English

    Category: Action, Shooter
    Version: 1.0
    Upload date: 25.10.2013
    File size: 4 KB
A very simple grid for Far Cry 3. Has buttons for selecting weapons, throwables, and craft items.

This grid also has four macros for the easy sale of items to the store. You use them by opening the sell tab of the store and placing your mouse over the first item (from left to right) that you want to sell, then you tap the macro for the number of items to the right of the hovered item that you want to sell.

Small tutorial vid coming soon to help clarify this.
CUSTOM / Far Cry 3
1382715201-TnH1n.png Banner 4x1

In case you forget which grid you're using. ;)

1382715206-qPTVU.png C4 1x1

Select C4

1382715208-2DYUW.png Craft Item A 1x1

Select Craft Item A (Meds/Frag Arrows/etc.)

1382715210-mXEl7.png Craft Item B 1x1

Select Craft Item B (Meds/Frag Arrows/etc.)

1382715205-DPEBA.png Fourth Weapon 1x1

Bet you can't guess.

1382715211-Box7K.png Grenade 1x1

Select Grenades

1382715207-Mi1f7.png Land Mine 1x1

Select Land Mines

1382715212-TDKKY.png Molotov 1x1

Select Molotovs

1382715202-7fTIK.png Primary Weapon 1x1

Select Primary Weapon

1382715203-lq33p.png Secondary Weapon 1x1

Select Secondary Weapon

1382715213-Pov9J.png Sell 1 Loot 1x1

Sell 1 Loot Quickly

1382715215-Lf2KN.png Sell 10 Loot 1x1

Sell 10 Loot Quickly

1382715216-uu7MV.png Sell 20 Loot 1x1

Sell 20 Loot Quickly

1382715214-xcJTt.png Sell 5 Loot 1x1

Sell 5 Loot Quickly

1382715204-DKbr7.png Third Weapon 1x1

Select Third Weapon

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