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ROCCAT and Alienware have joined forces to bring you the most innovative and game-enhancing lighting system on the market, AlienFX. Two of the most trusted names in gaming with an amazing partnership, one incredible light show, and an ever-expanding portfolio of awesome ROCCAT products that it's compatible with.

AlienFX makes in-game events for some of the most popular titles that much more thrilling and immersive, bringing gamers closer to the worlds they play in than ever before with lighting effects tied directly to the action.

ROCCAT products featuring ALIENWARE tech inside

You’ve been able to experience these lighting effect enhancements with Alienware hardware for years. Now enjoy them with ROCCAT peripherals as well. With the right ROCCAT gear, you can enjoy the free AlienFX protocol that comes loaded on each peripheral’s ROCCAT driver out of the box.

Cast a spell and watch as your Kone XTD reacts vividly to your command. Keep track of health as your Tyon gaming mouse alerts you with a visual sliding scale of green, yellow and red to signify health reduction, and watch your Isku FX turn into a display of defiant color as your airstrike rains down on the enemy.

These are just a small sample of the visual options available to gamers, now fully accessible with these ROCCAT products.

ALIEN FX/ROCCAT partnership about

AlienFX is Alienware’s exclusive lighting control system software that allows users to create and customize their own lighting and special effects experiences in an ever growing list of fan favorite games. ROCCAT’s partnership with Alienware has brought AlienFX and ROCCAT together with an exclusive collaboration, injecting this amazing lighting experience into some of ROCCAT’s most beloved products.


AlienFX works with an enormous list of games fans the world over know and love. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, CITY OF HEROES, WORLD OF TANKS, THE BATTLEFIELD SERIES, and HOTLINE MIAMI are just a few of the titles gamers can experience with power of AlienFX and ROCCAT products combined.

Note: at this point AlienFX™ is only compatible with 64-bit operating systems.
League of Legends Metro Last Light Hotline Miami Payday 2 Smite Daylight

Alienware AlienFX™ is compatible with: