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ROCCAT® Sense – Hybrid Microcrystalline Surface Gaming Mousepad
Using a battle-proven combo of advanced gaming tech and design, our ROCCAT™ scientists built the Sense hybrid mousepad for desktop warriors who demand peak performance during intense, high-speed combat.
“Epic performance with unique gliding properties. Energized by AIMO.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist
Game Aggressive and Steady
The Sense stays put using a rubberized base with a non-slip, diagonal chevron weave that grips hard to your playing surface.
Glide With Accelerated Combat Speed and Precision
To outfit commanders for rigorous combat, our ROCCAT® Scientists engineered the Sense by taking an ultra-soft cloth upper structure and treating it with an advanced, friction-reducing microcrystalline coating – a combination that allows for the lightning-fast mouse movements and high level of precision needed for victorious, high-octane gaming.
Killer Optics Delivering Optimized Tracking
Mixed to provide your mouse sensor, laser or optical, with ultimate tracking response – for pinpoint control that adds to your tactical edge.
Command with Optimal Dimensions
With a command surface of 400 x 280mm, the Sense offers plenty of room for even the most active gamer to command in bold style. It’s ideal for quick and aggressive mouse jockeying on both the x- and y-axis – and its advanced coating ensures that every action is both speedy and precise. And, at a slim 2mm, the Sense offers a sleek and lightweight – yet amazingly comfortable – gaming platform.


  • Minimized Friction

    thanks to the microcrystalline coating bonded to a particularly soft cloth base

    Developed In Conjunction

    with international professionals

    Optimum Gliding Area

    and pointer positioning
  • Rubberized Backing

    provides solid grip on any surface


    400 x 280mm with a thickness of just 2mm



  • Dimensions / Weight
    Width 40.0 cm , Height 0.2 cm , Length 28.0 cm , Weight 151 g