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  • The host software is the engine of Power-Grid –the part that does all the work. It processes and renders everything before relaying it to the mobile app, so it’s important to install it part first.
    Download Windows application
    Version 4.6.1
    Fixed grid export functionality
    To run Power-Grid you need to download and install two components: the host software and the mobile app. The installation process is simple, and you can find the download links to both components here.
    Ios Version 4.6.1
    Android Version 4.6.1


Downloadable Content

One of the best things about Power-Grid is its extensive customization and configuration possibilities. You can easily create and share your Grids and Controls, as well as downloading and importing community and premium content from our store.
Power-Grid comes complete with a software development kit, facilitating even more customization possibilities than the built-in custom Grid and Control creator. You can build your own DLLs and load them into Power-Grid, providing the framework for an unmatched level of gaming customization.