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Force is the latest gaming innovation by ROCCAT®. It re-imagines keyboard input without limitations, for a new level of control. The first gaming company to pioneer this technology, ROCCAT® introduces Force as an analog, pressure-sensitive key zone for the Isku+ Force FX keyboard, with more products supporting this exciting new feature in the pipeline! Isku+ Force FX – RGB Gaming Keyboard with Pressure-sensitive Key Zone


Check a heat map of the average gamer's key strokes and you’ll be sure to find the QWEASD keys lie at the heart of their keyboard. These are gamers’ most-used keys and have survived virtually unchanged since the dawn of PC gaming. As a result of our mission to push boundaries we developed Force technology and re-invented the QWEASD keys using a polymer-piezoelectric composite material. This means that the key zone reacts to the amount of pressure used, for an exciting new chapter in keyboard input.


The first product to debut Force technology is the Isku+ Force FX gaming keyboard with RGB lighting. The keyboard features pressure-sensitive QWEASD keys which can be configured in three different modes. The default mode is standard, whereby the keys function as normal. Smooth steps mode is where things get interesting. In this mode, the keys will react to the amount of pressure used, for incremental input. The final mode lets you assign up to three keys or shortcuts to any single key within the pressure sensitive zone.


We can talk about Force’s chemical layer improving its conductivity and that sounds fancy, but what’s in it for you? Put simply, Force opens up the door to a totally new form of keyboard input.
How about character movement? With Force, you can set three different functions to each of the QWEASD keys. Each of these functions can be actuated depending on how hard you press the key, all of which can be fully configured in Swarm. Think about sneaking while barely pressing the key, moving at default speed with normal pressure, and sprinting while bottoming out the key
How about your favorite shooter – you’ve got a sniper rifle and you’ve taken up a prime position behind a building. On a standard keyboard, tapping A or D makes you pop out from cover to take that shot, but Force lets you gently tap either key to slowly peek – less chance of your cover being blown and more chance of landing that key shot. Force totally re-imagines keyboard input. It intensifies your control, for heightened precision right at your fingertips.

Check out the Isku+ Force FX product page to read more about the exciting keyboard debuting Force technology!