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ROCCAT® Siru – Cutting-Edge Gaming Mousepad
For gamers who want the most direct desktop feedback possible while still demanding a premium, gaming-grade surface, there can be only one option. Comprised of a single layer, ROCCAT’s Siru mousepad is a knife-edge thin at less than a single millimeter thick, allowing for exceptionally precise tracking and lightning-fast aim corrections.
“To carve the path to domination, one must be on the cutting edge.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist
Knife-Edge Thin For the Most Direct Feedback
At 340 x 250 x 0.45mm, the Siru is truly knife-edge thin. The benefit of having such a blade-like gaming surface is that your mouse is on exactly the same level as your desktop, and you’re provided with direct desktop feedback. This means exceptionally true and precise tracking, and the ability to make rapid, accurate cursor corrections – perfect when aim is the name of the game.
Easy-To-Clean, Combat-Ready Surface
With durable, combat-ready materials, the Siru is super easy to clean, high-performance surface can be maintained without difficulty.
Optimized Gaming Surface for Glide and Control
The specially developed Siru surface is built for speed. It lets your mouse glide over it unopposed, so you can accurately track your enemy with ease. In spite of the Siru’s superior glide, the innovative surface has ultra-precise control, preventing under- and over-aim. Available in Cryptic Blue and Pitch Black, the surface is as stylish as it is deadly, and has been field-tested with over 80 laser and optical mice.


  • Optimized Gaming Surface

    ensures pinpoint accurate tracking with high glide and control

    Knife-Edge Thin

    gives you direct and responsive feedback from your surface

    Optimum Size

    perfect battle effectiveness with 340 x 250 x 0.45mm dimensions
  • Non-Slip Backing

    means pad stays where you put it thanks to solid grip and hold

    Easy To Clean

    engineered to last with durable, combat-ready materials

    Top-Notch Compatibility

    for flawless functionality with laser and optical mice



  • Dimensions / Weight
    Width 34.0 cm , Length 25.0 cm