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ROCCAT® Alumic – Double-Sided Gaming Mousepad
Are you looking for a mousepad offering comfort and high performance? Then the ROCCAT® Alumic is what you have been looking for. With two very different surface structures, the Alumic meets the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers. Each side also features a different design. Made from high-quality aluminum, the ROCCAT® Alumic offers maximum stability and durability. Extra-large mousepad feet ensure the Alumic stays rooted to the spot while offering the ultimate in mouse control when gaming. It also includes a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort.
“Simply turning around opens up unexpected new perspectives.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist
Non-Slip, Extra-Large Mousepad Feet
The ROCCAT® Alumic’s extra-large, custom-fit rubber feet ensure maximum grip.
One Mousepad –Two Sides
The right mousepad is the starting point for outstanding tracking and precise aiming. The Alumic’s two surfaces have different structures, allowing both fast as well as very controlled mouse movements. Low-sense gamers need a super smooth surface for ultimate gliding performance and fast, sweeping mouse movements. In contrast, the granular surface is designed to meet the needs of high-sense gamers. If you prefer a high mouse resolution, a structured surface is really important for outstanding tracking.
Gel Wrist Rest
The wrist rest offers comfort and fatigue-free gaming enjoyment – plus it matches the shape of the mousepad perfectly. What’s more, the flexible gel inner and elastic outer are effective at promoting ergonomic gaming.
Anodized Aluminum Core
The anodized aluminum core gives the ROCCAT® Alumic incredible stability and protection against warping – yet it’s just 3mm thin, making it ideal for use either on the sofa or while on the move. In combination with the ultra-hardwearing coatings of this compact mousepad – which measures in at 331x272mm – the aluminum core also delivers maximum durability.


  • Double-Sided Mousepad

    featuring Speed & Control surfaces, each with an individual design

    Anodized Aluminum Core

    with warp-protection – guaranteeing maximum stability & durability

    Including Gel Wrist Rest

    ergonomic, fatigue-free comfort for long gaming sessions
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet

    provide ultra-strong grip on any desk

    High Quality Materials

    compact – measures 331×272mm with a thickness of 3mm

    Easy-To-Clean Surface

    allow anything causing friction to be removed in a flash



  • Dimensions / Weight
    Width 33.1 cm , Height 0.3 cm , Length 27.2 cm



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