ROCCAT™ Power-Grid™ is an advanced and fully-customizable remote control for your PC. It lets you connect to, monitor, and control your PC and games directly from your smartphone – and all without having to leave the action. Best of all: it’s totally free to get started.

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Power-Grid: Power User Series Part 3
Power-Grid: Power User Series Part 2
Power-Grid: Power User Series Part 1
  • Stay in touch with everyone – via Skype, Facebook, TeamSpeak, you name it – without ever leaving your game.
  • Easily keep track of all your computer‘s vital stats, such as CPU, RAM, HDD usage and more.
  • Change PC and game settings with speed and ease, such as audio controls and in-game macro sequences.
  • Give any gaming order you can dream up with the simple touch of your smartphone‘s display.
  • Create your own custom Grids. Pick from a library of existing controls – or design new ones yourself.
  • Send your Grids to anyone you choose: teammates, guild mates, relatives or friends.
  • Connect your smartphone to future ROCCAT™ devices for an unprecedented union of technology that will change the way you play.


New on Power-Grid : Skype's Hidden Emoticons When you use skype with your friend, what's better than using the fun emoticon
skype offers? The famouse (y), \o/, or (ninja) have spamed your conversations already?
Well how about adding a little (mooning), (rock), and (poolparty) to spice things up a little?
That's exactly what this week grid is about, so make sure you download it from our website NOW! 
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released! And to celebrate we've created this useful grid that autosaves your game every minute,
is a handy reference to all the games submenus and even allows you to auto canter your
horse through the Witcher 3's huge environments.
This week: MORE MONEY on Sims 4! We all know the Sims, it is one of the most popular series of games in the world.
We love creating these characters and making them set fire to their houses,
make them fall in love and create the most wicked house in the hood! But what we
love the most is being free of money, space and death. This is why we’ve created this
new grid packed with the developers’ testing cheats to experiment the craziest virtual
life on your Sims 4! Download this Grid from our website NOW!
Want to Win Awesome ROCCAT Gear? Here at ROCCAT we like to encourage our Community’s creativity. We’ve been
hyped on how many Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous grids are out there, and to
show our gratitude we thought we’d organize a contest with awesome gear to win.
The judges : Your own community. All you have to do is create an awesome Plug-In
Grid for Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous and upload it to our website. You have until
June the 2nd to try and win one of 2 Kave XTD 5.1 Analog Headset and 2 Isku FX Keyboards.
For more information click on the graphic! 
Hot on Power-Grid this week: GTA V PC Grid! With all the hype around the most anticipated PC game release this year, we thought
we'd give our Power-Grid users a fun tool to swag around with some of GTA V's best
cheatcodes. Activate funky functions from the tip of your fingers using Trevor's cell
phone  to instantly skydive, spawn a copter, fast run, or activate a 5 minutes invincibility.
Don't waste time typing your cheatcodes and just enjoy the game! Download this epic
Grid from our store NOW! 
New on Power-Grid the TalkFX RGB Slider Grid. Want to use the full capacity of TalkFX and light up your gaming setup to give
it that extra edge? This plug in grid allows you to change the color of your compatible
TALK FX products from your smartphone.The RGB values can be changed individually
for each channel for a total of almost 5000 different colors. It even displays the color hex
code for you, which is great if you want to color co-ordinate your ROCCAT gaming setup.
Download this Grid from our download section NOW! 
New this week on Power-Grid, Homeworld: Remastered Collection. This week we release a new grid for the remastered version for the classic
Space RTS of the 90s : Homeworld. To celebrate this update we've made a
grid to help new people pick-up on the game, but also helps you command units
with speed and style in the heat of the action. Command, manage, focus, and keep
track of your units buy hitting one single button. Travel through space by downloading
your Homeworld Grid from our website NOW! 
Cities Skylines Grid out NOW! Our new grid this week is for the widly popular city building game Cities Skylines.
Popular within our own offices, we decided to create this handy grid in order to help
you build the city of your dreams form your fingertips. Use the grid to create zones,
manage your gamespeed, and auto save your game. Download this grid NOW and get Building! 
Power-Grid:Power User Tutorial Series Part 3 Giving you even more insight on how to use Power-Grid to its full capacity,
the third video of our tutorial series will sink you into the full power of our technology.
This time our tutorial will show you how to export Package files and upload them onto
the website for the world to watch, share, comment, rate and dowload for free.
Click on the graphic to see the video and enjoy :) 
New on Power Grid: Blackguards 2 grid OUT NOW. Love playing the deep, thrilling, and intense Role Playing game Blackguards 2? Then we
have just the right grid for you. Navigate through your menus and controls smoothly, as
well as toggle the option to highlight different points of interest on the battlefield, all from
your smartphone. Get this grid NOW from our download section! 
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