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ROCCAT® Raivo – High-Velocity Gaming Mousepad
Are you looking for a battle-ready mousepad? Then the ROCCAT® Raivo is what you are looking for. Completed with three optimized layers for combat precision, a non-slip rubber back, an integrated support plate and an innovative micro-granular surface, your  ROCCAT® mouse will glide on this high velocity mousepad aimed to increase your precision in gaming and allowing you to set the rules. 
“Soar faster, ascend higher – and win dominion over any expanse below. Masterful design makes it so.”
Dr. Erik J. Dale, ROCCAT Scientist
Ultimate Gliding
The micro-dots on the granular Raivo surface are designed with laser precision to be extra small. The result? An impossibly smooth and slick surface that your mouse will glide over without restriction and ultra-precise tracking that will have you take your prey down in record time. The innovative Raivo surface works a treat with both laser and optical mice.
Combat Precision
Ingenious, ergonomic and flexible battle shield shape.
Maximum Stability
Weighing in with dimensions of 350 x 270 x 2mm, the Raivo features an integrated flex-support plate, making the mousepad stable, durable and ideal for any desk or table. Since the plate is semi-flexible, it ensures the pad will never warp or lose its shape. At the same time, it is solid enough to sit in perfect harmony on whatever surface you put it in.


  • Micro-Granular Speed Surface

    for ultra-fast gliding with mega-precise control

    Integrated Flex-Support Plate

    for max stability with the longest play comfort

    Ergonomic Battle Shield Shape

    with wrist cut-out for top combat effectiveness
  • Non-Slip Rubber Backing

    for worry-free warfare during even the most hectic battles

    Dirt-Resistant Coating

    for tracking interference protection; easy to clean

    Combat-Tested Materials

    for the longest life of relentless, hardcore gaming action



  • Dimensions / Weight
    Width 35.0 cm , Height 0.2 cm , Length 27.0 cm


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