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ROCCAT® SOVA – Own the couch

At E3 2014 we introduced the world to the ROCCAT Sova Gaming Board prototype, a wireless, modular keyboard/mousepad combo expertly designed to help PC gamers own the couch, without having to give up their favorite gaming tools. 

The wildly enthusiastic feedback we received confirmed what we already knew; that the Sova was the Future Ready gaming peripheral the world had been waiting for. It was time to get to work. During the months since our prototype debut, peripherals that appear similar to Sova on the surface have arrived on the world stage, but we continued taking our time, and weren’t worried. 


We are ergonomically superior
The weight of Sova in your lap, the high-quality materials it’s made of, all designed for the perfect gaming board feel. That feel has to be perfect. Five hours of play should feel as good as five minutes. There are other options out there right now. They will not be Sova. Our ergonomics are on point. Our comfort is ideal. We solved the issue of heavy metal parts with advanced, durable fiber-improved plastics with the stability of metal without the unnecessary weight. That’s just one advance in the Sova design.
Sova extends to meet your needs
Your favorite gaming mouse, your headset, multiple USB ports to integrate your peripherals; Sova is representative of our extendable gameplay philosophy. It is an innovative peripheral designed from day one to change at the whim of your wants and needs. Sova is the first gaming board peripheral in the world designed to handle near endless customization via 3D printed parts, and will be the most affordable to do so. Nothing on the market today comes close.  
It has the power of SWARM under the hood
A Sova is designed with your ideal PC setup in mind. Make your smartphone a Sova-integrated command center for a greater tactical edge, and the perfect way to integrate social gaming into your living room setup. How? Like no other gaming board offering, Sova brings the power of software to your fingertips. ROCCAT Swarm running on your PC and smartphone will give you lightning-fast access to system commands, vital game functions and so much more. Gaming in the living room with Sova means never giving up the edge, and getting more than you ever knew you could have owning the couch.
With Sova being designed with a right-hand mouse orientation, our negative feedback came primarily from those that game exclusively left-handed.
Because they simply aren’t like us.
We built the Sova with you.

With the incredible feedback, we asked what you were looking for in a final retail product. We created the online Sova Configurator to find out exactly what features you had to have, what you could do without and why. We sent surveys to our fans to dig even deeper into what the Sova should be as a finished product. We dug deep, and continued designing, using our team of world-class designers and engineers and your vital feedback to help guide our progress. 

What did we learn?
After rigorous post-E3 research and reviewing the overwhelming feedback of gamers, we discovered you want options that a single Sova design simply could not provide. 

Thus, ROCCAT moved forward with a multi-Sova initiative.
The wired Sova experience
Many of you were highly vocal about a quality wired Sova option. Some gamers simply don’t want to bother with charging batteries. So, we’re bringing that wired Sova option to you, featuring either rubberdome or mechanical keys at slightly different price points, each with a USB cable for connecting to your PC or Steam machine. 

We listened, we’re giving gamers what they want. But what does that mean for wireless? 
We’re doing wireless right
The retail wireless Sova will be superior to the prototype in every way. Long-life batteries for long gaming sessions are a must; ensuring we provide the standard in a wireless gaming board our top priority. The wireless Sova will come equipped with mechanical keys, deep customization and a battery custom made for the effortless extended play our fans deserve. 

All Sovas are built with ROCCAT’s deep commitment to quality and Future Ready design.

Sova will make its retail debut Q3 of 2016, and will retail at 149.00 USD. 
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